How do I make male grooming simple?

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So, how do you make male grooming simple? It is best to understand a few things first.

I have actually heard stylists say "men don't really care about their hair." I beg to differ. Men, in my own experience, are much more picky than women about hair. They may not communicate with you that they don't like their haircut, but if they don't like it you probably won't see them again. Another fallacy is that men don't care about skin care, however, if you have spent nearly two decades with men in your chair like I have, and actually LISTEN, you hear a whole different story.

While it is true that many men out there do not care about hair or skin care, just as many, if not more, do. Most men who tell you they don't care actually do care. They just don't want to seem like a sissy or a girly man. The same thing that keeps some men out of a hair salon is the same thing that keeps them from talking about skin care with a beautician if they actually go into a salon. They don't want to be seen as feminine or weak. The trick is to de-genderize (my own word) hair and skin care for men. Make it technical. Take the feminine factors away. Make it new. Also, emphasize how much women like a man who takes care of himself.

However, the biggest selling point is how the services feel. A facial massage and a shave is refreshing, relaxing, and can make a man feel like he is ready to take on the world. A good haircut makes anyone feel good. More than one man has voiced the old adage in my chair: "If you have a bad attitude, go get a haircut."

So don't just sharpen you tools. Sharpen your skills and your customer service. The more you know, the better you can make your client feel. Men are more difficult to please. Yes, men will go just about anywhere to get a haircut if they are in dire need. However, if you want them to come back and send their friends, you have got to make them feel good before they leave. Know his name, get the little bit of hair out of his collar, and don't rush, but don't dawdle either. Men, in general appreciate technical skill, customer service, and good tools, but just like any other human being, men want to feel good when they get out of your chair.

Knowing a few key things can start you on the path where you can make male grooming simple. However, like many simple things, the application can be difficult to execute. You have to be patient, willing to learn, and willing to go that extra mile for each and every man who walks in. Deep down inside, every man is a momma's boy, if only just a little. Why? Momma is all about comfort. Make him feel comfortable and at home, impress him with your skills and products, and you will be surprised how quickly a guy will say "yes" to additional skin care and hair care services. It only takes a little extra effort.

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